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When you are selling any real estate one option is to work with a real estate agent to accomplish your decision. With many choices of agents available to you many of us call on friends or relatives to ask for suggestions on who they feel is the best office and agent to use. Real Estate is a very personal business and involves disclosing information about yourself, your property, your financing, your reason for selling, and many other factors. Real Estate companies and their agents have healthy self-esteem and believe they are the best choice for you so it is important that you ask questions and explain what you expect from the agents you are considering working with to accomplish your goals. Feel free to interview more than one agent.

When selling your home you should ask all agents you are considering to give you a written market analysis, a comparison of properties that have similar features to your property, located in an area and with similar features, and include those properties that are currently for sale and those that recently sold. Review the paperwork needed to market your property and ask questions about any items you may not be familiar with and ask for an estimate of the financial details of any expenses that will be related to the sale. Ask how the property will be presented to the public and for advice on how to prepare the home before marketing. Make sure you and the agent understand how and when you want the property shown to prospective buyers and ask the agent to explain any special features that may enhance the sale of your property.

There are many other questions you may have so feel free to gather as much information you feel necessary to make you feel comfortable with your decision.

I am glad to present this information to you and ask that you contact me or someone from my company to assist you in your marketing decisions.


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